It's just a stage I'm going through!

At the age of 9 Andrew got the acting bug. He joined a musical theatre troupe and began tap dancing his way across Europe. Okay so it was his local neighborhood, but still he wowed audiences all across town. He hit the stage in musical reviews, entertaining people in hospitals and senior centers.


These captive audiences (literally) had no choice but to respond to Andrew’s singing, dancing and comedy tour-de-force. In fact, his brand of “Slap Stick” and “British humour” have become his trademark and today he is considered one of Canada’s “Farce Master” (that’s Farce, not…).


The acting bug was always strong and in the late 1980’s he came full circle and returned to the stage part-time in musical reviews, comedies, dramas and his beloved farces. He even got a few small parts in music videos and commercials!


Regaling in the spotlight, Andrew has sung, danced and prat-falled his way into audience hearts everywhere.  Whether dressed up as an English Bobby, a Mad Scientist or Lady of the Evening (yes Andrew looks great in a dress) – he is at the happiest when performing and making people laugh.


Besides acting, Andrew has also applied his creativity to the design of some magnificent stage sets and props, along with wonderful programs, posters and tickets for numerous plays.  In recent years, Andrew has even turned his hand to directing and producing plays to much success. There isn’t a part of the Theatre process that Andrew doesn’t love.


So until the curtains close, whether on the stage, under the spotlight, or behind the scenes, Andrew’s love will always be the theatre. 


My many faces!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"One of the most brilliant comedians I have ever had the pleasure of working with, a truly Gracious and Gifted performer!"

                                     - S. Gur, director/producer   

Theatrical awards​

Thea award for best set design, “Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean” The MIlton Players - 1989 Actco Festival


Best Supporting Actor, "Don't Dress For Dinner"
- 1997 Galt Little Theatre


Thea award for best technical acheivment in a comedy, 
“Fantasy By Appointment” Theatre Etobicoke
- 1998 Actco Festival