A Creative Person, Through and Through!

From a young age growing up in England, Andrew knew he was born to be creative. At the ripe old age of 8 he made his first money illustrating a safety poster for a large European company. His career as a graphic artist had begun.


In 1973 the Finnigan family packed up all their belongings and came across the pond to Canada to start a new life and in Andrew’s case – find a new stage. He continued to entertain his classmates with his British wit, humour and physical comedy. While also continued to work on his drawing skills.


After high school Andrew went on to attend Sheridan College in Oakville and received a diploma in Classical Animation. He has spent the last 25+ years working as a graphic artist and marketing specialist for numerous companies throughout Southern Ontario. His flair for design and his graphic eye have helped him design everything from wine labels, posters, brochures, books, magazine ads, wallpaper to window displays.


In recent years Andrew is concentrating on freelance opportunities. Focusing and creating print material for small to medium companies with a main focus on the real estate industry.




"Creation is a drug I can't do without."
                                       - Cecil B. De Mille


"It is better to create than to learn! Creating is
the essence of life."
                                         - Julius Caesar